Stair Lifts for Dogs

Stair Lifts for Dogs

If you are in need of a stair lift in order to reach the upper level of your house, and you own a dog, you probably have a few concerns. You may be worried about the safety of stair lifts for dogs. As a pet owner, you are well-aware of the fact that animals like to be right up under their owner's feet. Therefore, you are concerned that this may cause a problem while riding on a stair lift.

Stair lift manufacturers have anticipated this issue, which is why virtually all lift models on today's market com equipped with animal-friendly safety features. These features will prevent you and your pet from becoming injured while the the lift is moving. The four most important aspects to look for in stair lifts for dogs are obstacle sensors, on-and-off switches, electrical systems and braking mechanisms.

Obstacle Sensors in Stair Lifts for Dogs

When you have a cat or a dog, chances are it will come across the path of your stair lift. This is why all of the current stair lifts for dogs on the market come with integrated obstacle sensors. These sensors are pressure sensitive and are designed to not only alert the user to an obstruction but also stop the lift in mid-movement. Thanks to this feature, both the user and their dog or cat will remain safe. In addition, these sensors prevent expensive damage to or possible derailment of the chair.

Stair Lift On-and-Off Switches

There are also safety considerations even when a stair lift is not in motion. Dogs and cats are curious by nature. So in order to prevent an animal from accidentally turning on the lift, an on-and-off switch comes standard in the majority of stair lifts. If you put the switch in the off position, it cannot be accidentally turned on by your pet.

Stair Lift Electrical Systems

Whenever you need to use your stair lift, you can rest assured it will be fully operational even if the power goes out. In the event of a power outage, you and your pet can still get from level to level in your house, which is great in case of an emergency. If this is a concern for you, look for stair lifts for dogs with a backup battery pack. These types of stair lifts come equipped with a rechargeable battery unit that recharges each time you park the chair. However, some models need to be manually charged. Either way, a battery pack will last for 12-15 round trips before needing to be charged.

Braking Mechanisms in Stair Lifts for Dogs

In order to ensure the safety of the user and their pet, most stair lifts for dogs have multiple braking mechanisms. The majority of units use electromechanical braking devices. But as a way to further the safety of the device, some manufacturers also include manual brakes that look and operate similar to those found in automobiles. Although some people do not see the point of multiple braking systems, this concept provides an extra layer of safety.

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