Stair Lifts NJ

Stair Lifts NJ

Those who have certain physical challenges that make walking a painful, cumbersome task often have great difficulty climbing up and down the stairs. Some people even go to such lengths as to put their home on the market so they can move to a single-story home where staircases will not be an issue. However, one does not have to resort to extreme measures in order to enjoy their surroundings. Stair lifts NJ dealers carry a variety of stair lift devices that will help people reach all levels of their house again.

Models Available From Stair Lifts NJ Dealers

Stair lifts are medical devices that are used to help transport people up and down staircases. These devices run on a track system and operate in a similar fashion to an escalator. Usually, the metal track will be firmly bolted to the actual staircase; however, it can also be supported by a conjoining wall. This will depend on the determination of the stair lifts NJ installer.

Once the track is in place, a small platform or chair will be attached and will travel up and down the installed track. The most common stair lift models are equipped with a chair. Platforms are best suited for users who have knee troubles that make sitting and bending painful.

Different Weight Capacities and Stair Lifts NJ Dealers

The weight capacity is another important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing a stair lift. The stair lift NJ dealers provide a wide array of models, all with varying weight limits. It is necessary to note that the device's weight tolerance will directly effect the length it can travel on an incline. For example, a lot of stair lifts are designed to hold up to 300 pounds at a distance of 18 feet while others have a maximum capacity of 250 pounds and can travel 32 feet.

When you contact a stair lifts NJ dealer, they will send a representative to your home in order to take the necessary measurements. The representative can tell you what type of lift is best suited for your staircase. However, you will also need to take into consideration a possibility of weight growth. For each 100 pounds, add an additional 25 pounds to the user's clothed weight. Calculating this way will ensure that the lift will never loaded with too much weight and that it can carry additional items along with the user, such as groceries.

Various Staircase Widths and Stair Lifts NJ Dealers

The final aspect to think about is the width of your staircase. Most models carried by stair lifts NJ dealers take up little space. But if your stairway is especially narrow, you may need to have the track installed on the wall instead of the staircase itself. However, most narrow stairways can fit a lift that folds when not in use. Foldable stair lifts also have foot rests that can be tucked away when the device is not in use. If possible, get a foldable model as it is cheaper to install than attaching a track onto a wall.

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