Stannah Stair Lifts

Stannah Stair Lifts

Stannah International has build a reputation for having extensive experience in the stair lift industry. But before they began building these mobility devices, the company was creating other types of lifts. Founded in the 1860s by the Stannah family, this company has rapidly grown. Even today, family members are heavily involved in operations on a global level. Stannah has all the elements to enjoy a long period of success thanks to its brand appeal and reputation.

Getting Into the Stair Lift Industry

Stannah International is among the top companies in the United Kingdom that manufacturers and distributes stair lifts throughout the UK, the United States and many other countries. Ever since 1975, Stannah International has provided a wide mobility product range at affordable prices. While they do make other products, such as commercial lifts, trolley lifts, microlifts and passenger lifts, Stannah is perhaps most known for their quality stair lifts. Stair lifts are the bread-and-butter of this family-owned company.

The 400 Plus Range Stannah Stair Lifts

The 400 Plus Range Stannah stair lifts are arguably the highest quality models that consumers can purchase from Stannah International. This subset of stair lifts are specifically made to fit straight stairways. They are also well-known in the industry for providing users with a quiet, smooth ride up and down the staircase. Because of these features, the 400 Plus Range is gaining popularity among stair lift consumers. The majority of these lifts are operated by batteries and an electric motor. Even better, these lifts have motors that can be automatically charged thanks to the battery packs.

Stannah Stair Lift Battery Systems

Recently, Stannah International completely overhauled the battery systems used in their stair lifts. The unique batteries in Stannah stair lifts work in such a way that consumers can even use their stair lift during a power outage. This company is also highly regarded for its top-notch operating systems. Each model is equipped with an operating system that almost anyone will find easy to use and simple to maintain.

Curved and Outdoor Stannah Stair Lifts

In addition to straight stair lifts, Stannah also manufacturers curved stair lifts. One of the most popular brands used in residential homes is the Stannah 260. The 260 models of Stannah stair lifts are designed in order to make sure people with special mobility issues are able to safely travel up and down winding staircases. Consumers have a wide array of color and styles choices that can be customized to suit the buyer's personal taste.

Outdoor lifts are also another offering of Stannah International. The Stannah 310 is the most purchased outdoor lift made by this brand. However, the 310 can be used only if a straight slope exists. Regardless of the product, Stannah has a reputation for upholding their clients' dignity and maintaining the company's reliability. This company does not cold-call prospective customers or install Stannah stair lifts in an unsafe manner. The history of Stannah coupled with the multitude of reconditioned models they offer that still work like new attest to the quality of this company's products.

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