San Antonio Stair Lifts

San Antonio Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a functional addition to your San Antonio home specifically if you or a loved one has mobility problems. Why not visit any of the San Antonio stair lifts suppliers for your stair lift needs?

There is a wide variety of San Antonio stair lifts for your home and budget. But the questions are where to find stair lifts in San Antonio, how to book a stair lift service and how to fund stair lift installations. These questions will be answered on the succeeding paragraphs. Read further.

Where can I get stair lift service in San Antonio?

San Antonio stair lifts suppliers are scattered all over San Antonio. Check out some of them.

• Lift & Go Mobility – The Company provides stair lift service and maintenance, with address at 1070 Arion Circle, Suite 164 San Antonio, TX. Contact number: (210) 521-9800; Email:

• Freedom Specialists – Located at 12106 Colwick St., San Antonio, TX, they supply, install and service stair lifts. Contact numbers: (210) 340-5881 / (210) 340-7762

• Para Driving Aids – Accommodates all you mobility needs including stair lift installation and maintenance. You may visit them at 10624 IH 35 North, San Antonio, TX, with contact numbers (210) 655-5438; toll free 1-877-500-5438 or email them at

• The Scooter Store – They sell and service a wide variety of mobility products including stair lifts. Their San Antonio office is at 8134 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX. Contact numbers (210) 615-1585; toll free 1-877-311-0333.

How can I book a stair lift service in San Antonio?

Simply call the San Antonio stair lifts supplier and schedule for an in-home visit. The stair lift company will be sending a representative to assess your stair lift requirements based on you or your loved one’s mobility needs and stairwell type. This gives you the opportunity to disclose all you concerns including the financial options they provide. After which, they will be giving you a stair lift quote and if the deal is favorable for you, they will schedule the date for your stair lift installation.

What are the stair lift financing options in San Antonio?

Check with your local San Antonio stair lifts suppliers if they offer financing plans for stair lift installation. You can work with them to come up with a payment plan that better suits your means. Else, you also have the option to go for used or reconditioned lifts. Depending on your situation, stair lift rental might work for you as well.

You may also check with Bexar Area Agency on Aging in Texas with office at San Antonio, Texas to see whether you qualify for loan programs and grants which can help you finance your stair lift purchase. Give them a call at (210) 362-5254.

Texas Technology Access Program also offers device loans on assistive technology equipment. Furthermore, national assistive technology loan programs are also available such as BOA Access Loans and DCU Access Loans which can help you raise the appropriate amount for the stair lift you want to acquire. Call their toll free number at 1-800-828-7839.

In addition, check the office of Grants Monitoring and Administration in San Antonio for Community Development Block Grant which provides funds for house upgrades and rehabilitation. You may contact them at (210) 207-6600.

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